The Process

True Couture means lots of hand sewing work inside and out.
Every gown begins with a sketch.
A Muslin ready for it's fitting where it will be pinned, cut, and marked.

All Services are By Appointment Only.


We ask that you make an Appointment for a Design Consultation where we can go through all the details and design elements of your look together. Based on the inspiration images you bring to the meeting, Harper will start to sketch using your elements until the perfect gown or suit is Designed on paper. Seams Couture has Exclusive Designer Access to some of the finest textiles available in the US which you can choose from during your Consultation. There is no cost for the first consultation hour. Every Seams Couture Bride is important and deserves our undivided attention which is why we only work By Appointment!

Measurements & Muslin Fitting

Once we've taken your Measurements and a Retainer Deposit of 1/3 of the estimated cost of your Gown, we begin to construct a cotton "Muslin" for your 1st Fitting. The Muslin Fitting takes about an hour or two, and is your opportunity to try on a rough outline of your Gown which will then became your personal Pattern. We don't cut into your fabric until the Muslin is perfect! Design changes can happen during a Muslin Fitting, and it's your chance to change any details.

Seams Couture is a Bespoke Suit Tailor!

Seams Couture is also a Women's "Bespoke" Suit Tailor! The process to order a Wedding Suit is the same as our Gowns. However, the construction and method of fitting of tailored suits for a woman's body is a different process than those constructed for men. Our Bride's Suit process also begins with a Muslin and ends with hand sewing finish work.

Almost Ready

Most Gowns (and suits) require approximately 3 to 5 fittings, and each fitting is scheduled for two hours. The Final Fitting is scheduled a few weeks before your event, to make sure the fit is still on target for the big event and that there are no missing details. We always have you try it all on one last time before you take the Gown with you to make sure everything is perfect, approximately a week before the Wedding. The Final Payment is due at that time.

Your Wedding Day!

Couture Gowns are packed in a breathable opaque bag and tied to our exclusive cotton hangers for safety. If you're heading to a Destination Wedding, we can even help you pack your gown for the trip.